Welcome to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance

Since our creation in 2000, by a group of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers physicians, RMCA has provided over $3.3 million in financial assistance to more than 6,000 cancer survivors receiving treatment in Colorado. Assistance from RMCA is for a patient's basic needs, and can include rent or mortgage, utilities, car payments and car insurance, health insurance and COBRA, and help with other day-to-day expenses.  Our focus is on providing assistance to our local community by serving low-income Colorado cancer patients across the state.

In 2015, we have seen the need for our program continue to grow.  We receive more applications each month as patients struggle to meet their monthly financial needs while remaining in treatment.  We are proud that since our inception, 100% of qualified applicants have received funding through RMCA's Financial Assistance program.  We work every day to fulfill our mission to provide temporary financial support to cancer patients undergoing treatment and we hope you will continue to support us in 2015 and beyond.


Join Shea Homes and the Inner Circle Foundation for an Event Supporting RMCA

What a great opportunity to show your support for an incredible cause! The Inner Circle Foundation, founded by Shea Design Studio designer and cancer survivor, Melanie Best, was formed to provide support to those with rare cancers, as well as offer guidance, insights and support to patients and their caregivers.

Join in the fun on Saturday, July 18th from 11am to 3pm. Proceeds from the event will benefit RMCA and allow us to help more deserving patients throughout Colorado.



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