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"I have tremendous stress as I am currently living with lung cancer and awaiting surgery. My most pressing concern is how to keep up with basic foundational monthly living expenses since the illness has stopped me from being able to work at all since mid-August. Rocky Mountain Cancer has given me peace of mind in this regard as they have helped me keep my lights on, and also helped me in realizing how fortunate I am to have assistance out there for circumstances such as mine."

"Cancer really hit me like a ton of bricks! As a home based business owner for eight years, my business was already struggling between economic downturns, my attention being spread thin helping to care for my best friend (49 and just diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer) and my mother who had suffered a stroke. 2010 was a bad year.

My diagnosis came on February 2, 2011, Stage IIB Breast Cancer. February 16th. I had a double mastectomy, follow that with one emergency surgery, four chemo treatments, one doozy of a side effect (trigeminal neuralgia) and one final reconstruction surgery on September 2, 2011. How do others work through treatment? Between doctor’s appointments, medications and exhaustion, I had very few days where work was even possible.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance kept the lights on, the phone working, and the gas bill paid for months. Just try to imagine not having $50 in the bank, relying on family and friends for everything including what you and your son eat that day. Then having an organization, a group of caring people and donors, reach out and say we’ll help, you can pay the bills yourself this month. Cancer forces a person to become dependent for a time, that’s maybe one of the toughest parts of the disease to accept. Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance gave me not only a gift of lights, phone and gas, they gave me hope that I would stand on my own again and shared the love of all those that made it possible for me to get through undoubtedly the most difficult time in my life. My most sincere thank you for all that you did for me and for all that you are doing for others. Your caring and inspiration continue to mean so very much to me each and every day."

"Many thanks for your assistance with patient, Amealia C. You have helped her significantly to move successfully through treatment. With your assistance she is able to stay in her home until she completes treatment and hopefully will then be able to move forward and move back east where her 90 year old mother and sisters can care for her. Her son was able to work something out with the bank to sell the house and stop the foreclosure so she no longer has to worry about being evicted with no place to live before her treatment ends. She has felt well enough that she is able to work a couple days per week. Her son and grandchildren moved to Alabama where her other son lives and that family has settled in there with employment and support from family. The relief on her face today was remarkable as she shared her utter delight in the help you have given her. She was smiling and full of hope today. Thank you so much for your assistance and support of this patient.”

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